Every business venture have some grow-up phase in entrepreneurship life cycle like our's as of now.

We have designed and programmed few web based applications before entering as full-flagged software development firm.

During our early days of building this firm we also undertook maintenance of existing e-Commerce domain website.   

But, we are here for the business straightaway. So, in the mean time, we have learned about all new cutting edge applications using Microsoft's .NET platform like:

  • Web Development Applications
  • Product eCatalog Systems
  • eCommerce Online Ordering
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Social Networking Platforms

Many people know new things. But, as our adage says, how to utilize that knowledge using appropriate technology to discover  new dimensions is of prime importance. 

As a start-up, we also understand true value of money invested in any venture. And thus, we believe in providing our clients with economically viable solutions for their enterprise.

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